The Church 246 Initiative

Sowing the Seeds of Future Church Plants.


11am, 206 Harvest Home Road Wollert


11am, 43 O’Conner Road, Knoxfield


11am, 22 Kitchener Street Brunswick West


11am, 37 Keira Circuit Werribee

What is Church 246?

Church 246 is our house church program that replaces our Sunday worship service 4-5 times per year. It is an important part of our mission to impact the Melbourne metropolitan area through building church family and providing an outreach opportunity closer to where our members live. Church 246 is integral to our 2020 Vision and further church planting strategies (2030 Vision).

The name Church 246 is taken from Acts 2:46 which says:

‘Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts’

What happens on a Church 246 Sunday?

When Church 246 takes place during a particular month, it replaces our Family Feed (communion) service for that month. So Church 246 is about having a celebratory communion service in our local communities. This includes a shared meal and the communion elements.

In addition, Church 246 will at least include Bible study/discussion and prayer for each other and potentially include all the way up to simple worship, a short preaching and a simple kids church program.

Where does Church 246 take place?

We have divided metropolitan Melbourne into 4 general districts. These are Central, North, East and West. You can have a look at the map in the appendix for a rough idea of how the districts are formed. There is no obligation for anyone to go to the Church 246 in their district but we generally encourage people to do so. When it comes to people who live near the borders of the districts it makes sense for us to give greater leeway.

Within each district, it’s up to the district teams to determine where the best location to hold Church 246. It most likely will be people’s homes to begin with but other options include parks, community halls etc. As long as the location does not impede the celebration of communion, sharing a meal, Bible study/discussion and prayer then it can be a valid location.

Why are we doing this?

Church 246 is part of the answer to one of the big issues we face as a church. Our members are spread all across the entire Melbourne region. Distance becomes another barrier in inviting people to be a part of our Sunday services and our wider community. By having 4 to 5 Sunday services as Church 246 in the districts, we bring our church family into the communities which we live in.

We are doing Church 246 because it aligns with our values, particularly Relationship (Spiritual Family), Outreach and Discipleship (our 4Es discipleship process and 4Is leadership multiplication process). We are creating hubs of spiritual family and inclusion in our communities that will one day be churches planted in those communities.

Church 246 aligns with our movement goals of church planting, campus ministry and world mission. Melbourne has major university campuses in each of the districts and many different ethnicities. Church 246 provides the clear and manageable steps that allows one, two or three LifeGroups in a district to grow into a church plant.


When are we having Church 246 in 2019?

These are our 4 Church 246 events for 2019:

  1. April 14
  2. June 16
  3. August 18
  4. October 20

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